Friday, September 7, 2012

Must read materials

Must read material for all REAL conservatives or REAL libertarians or REAL patriots

 Warning:  If you're a pansy libtard or RINO you'll hate this reading list. Hey ho, political correctness has got to go.

Read VDare every day and then read it again.  This is the #1 website on the web!

Two links:  VDare Magazine and VDare Blog

VDare is run by Peter Brimelow, former editor of Forbes Magazine

Friends:  We need to destroy Cultural Marxism!!!

Good Conservative Articles:

Elizabeth Wright (true black conservative):  "Negrophilia"

Gregory Hood:  "A Memo to White Republicans"

Epstein:  "Myths of Martin Luther King Jr."

Martin Sewell:  "Why Race Matters:  Importance of Race"

John Derbyshire:  "The Talk"

Fisher:  "Biological problems with Mixed-Race Marriages and Adoptions"

Lawrence Auster:  "The Truth About Inter-Racial Rape in the United States"

Jared Taylor:  "Pathological Altruism:  the White Man's Disease"

Thomas Sowell:  "Censored Race War"

Fjordman:  "The left-wing proposition nation is our primary enemy"

"Hispanics:  A Statistical Portrait" & "What Race Are Hispanics?"

"The Color of Crime"

RHN:  "Are white women who date black men typically white trash?"  And this.

Unamusement Park:  "What Happens to White Women Who Date Black Men"

Countenance Blog: "Blogmeister’s Axioms" and "Patterson’s Axioms"

 Faces of the World's Races

True Conservative Christianity (not libtard Cultural Marxist politically correct Christianity):

James R. Edwards Jr:  "The Bible, Immigration, and Why Only Pathetic Libtards Support Amnesty"

Matt Parrott: "On Libtard Cultural Marxist Christianity"

David Opperman:  "A Defense of true Conservative Christianity"

Faith & Heritage:  "The Bible and why Mixed-Race Marriage is Wrong"

Faith and Heritage:  "Bible, true Conservative Christianity, and Reality of Race"

Generation5:  "True Christianity and Reconsidering Transracial Adoption"

Faith and Heritage:  "Christian Ethics and Interracial Marriage, Part 1"

Nil Desperandum:  "Cultural Marxist John Piper's Assault on the Conservative Family"

West and Christ:  "Here's what true conservative Christianity looks like (not libtard Cultural Marxist Christianity)"

Must see videos:

 White moms who are fed up with politically correct BS!

This white girl has a bigger pair than many white males I know!

 A Conversation About Race  (watch it, it's not what you think)

Video: "The Racism Scam Exposed"

Sarah Johnson:  "Blacks have NAACP,  mestizos have La Raza, Asians have 80-20 Initiative, Indians have USINPAC.  What do whites have?  Nothing big yet, but watch this video."

The Tea Party Mantra 

ObamaCare:  The pic that the media wants banned

Let's all destroy Cultural Marxism!!!

Other good sites:

Stuff Black People Don't Like

Unamusement Park

American Renaissance 

Countenance Blog

Occidental Dissent

Alternative Right

Faith and Heritage:  Christ and the West

Black Conservative Elizabeth Wright:  Issues and Views

Hey, ho, political correctness has got to go!

Good quotes:

"A racist is someone who's winning an argument with a liberal." - Peter Brimelow

"So-called racism is a perfectly natural in-group bias which has been stigmatized by the politically correct West.” – Martin Sewell, professor of economics Oxford University

"A man who doesn't stand up for his own race can't really be considered a man at all." -- Ronald Reagan (1949)

 Warning:  If you're a pansy  libtard or RINO you'll hate this reading list. Hey ho, political correctness has got to go.

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